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Flexible Finance Options.

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Financing Options

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PROLEVEL ROOFING offers flexible financing options for homeowners throughout Central Florida. We want your roofing project to go as smoothly as possible, including the expense. Whether planned or unexpected, the need for a new roof is a significant financial investment.


Homeowners are increasingly seeking options to break this investment into smaller, affordable monthly payments. Protecting your roof is worth it.

After all, it protects your home and everything inside it. Call us today to discuss financing options designed to meet your budget or to request a free, no obligation roof estimate.

  • Does PROLEVEL ROOFING provide written statements?
    The simple answer is yes, we do. We insist on the importance of having a detailed estimate before signing any contract. The cost of both the removal of the old roof, as well as the addition of the new roof should be properly documented. We always provide a detailed estimate of the contract within 24 hours.
  • How does PROLEVEL inspect roofs?
    Our team conducts a on-site inspections, meaning we check every possible aspect of a roof. It's important to understand that our team members take a look at: Life of shingles We look for granule loss, curled shingles, missing shingles, creased shingles and exposed fiberglass of the shingles We determine the age of shingles by looking at these categories. Granules protect the shingles from the sun. Once granules are gone the shingle will deteriorate quicker. Missing and creased shingles means wind storm. This causes leaks pretty quickly. Exposed fiberglass means granules have been gone for a while and the sun has deteriorated the asphalt. The fiberglass holding everything together is peeking through. This shingle is on its last leg. Curled shingles is a sign of an older shingle. Pipes/vents We look for gaps, tears, exposed nails, weathering of the materials. Squirrels chew on lead pipes and after some time cause gaps which causes leaks. All of these things will cause leaks. Valleys We check that valleys are free of debris. Debris can cause water to be held up and if water cant drain properly it will run left or right seeking proper drainage but finding it’s way underneath shingles. Ventilation We check for insufficient ventilation which causes the shingle to age quicker. The attic needs proper ventilation which helps keep your house and roof cooler. Walls We check proper flashing and sealing of all walls. These areas are susceptible to leaks if not sealed sufficiently or properly.
  • Does PROLEVEL ROOFING offer financing?
    Yes, we provide financing with low, fixed monthly payments & no prepayment penalties. You can request up to $100,000 and the pre-qualification doesn’t affect your credit.
  • How long does a roof replacement take?
    Roofing jobs depend on a few factors—the roof size, the types of roof or shingles requested, and the current condition of the roof. Talk to your roofer about how long your job will take, to avoid any confusion. Usually, a complete re-roofing takes 2-3 days with inspections. We will always give an estimate of how long the job will take before we start.
  • How does PROLEVEL ROOFING remove old roof structures?
    Some roofing contractors will just shingle-over the old roof. This will definitely lead to higher costs in the future because the next time the roof is inspected, old and rotten wood may not just be detectable underneath the current shingles. Make sure that a roofer removes the old roof and a place a new one. Our team will remove your old roof when necessary and talk you through exactly the type of work that will be done. This will keep your future maintenance costs low.
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